Free Money: 29 Legitimate Places to Find It

Have you ever asked yourself where can I find money?

Short on cash, looking to raise money for a new business or need to make some money in a hurry to pay utilities, mortgage or rent payments? Read on to find some simple though often overlooked ways to get filling your pockets with free money.

Unclaimed Money


Unclaimed, or abandoned property is property or monies that has not been claimed or has been inactive within a financial institution or left over from the sale of property and the owner has not been found. While there are laws in place that require states to get on contact with the owners of the money, often no owners are found and the information gets added to a database for each state.

The website for each state can be found here at

Other Sources of Unclaimed Money Include:


Banking, Housing and IRS Money
  • IRS Udeliverable Federal Tax Returns -This happens when people the wrong address for their tax return.
  • National Credit Union Administration- Search Unclaimed Credit Union deposits at the NCUA.
  •  FDIC- They allow you to search for any unclaimed deposits.
  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation-  The PBGC has a database that you can search to see whether you as an owner or survivor is owed any pension.
  • Treasury Hunt- Find unclaimed treasury bonds that haven’t been cashed that are no longer earning interest. NOTE: They don’t have a complete list so if you think a bond is owed to you, make sure you contact them to find out about any other resources.
Work Related Retirement and Benefits
  • Railroad workers Retirement – If you are a retired Rail Road worker, you can search the RRB (Railroad Retirement Board) to see if you are owed any money.
  • VA Administration allows you to search for any Veterans Benefits money owed to you.
  • VA Unclaimed Insurance  -Allows Veterans to search for unclaimed insurance premiums, dividend checks and life iunsurance awards.
Checking for International Unclaimed Monies
  • Australian Money Smart- Find unclaimed money in Australia
  • Bank of Canada -Unclaimed money.  Unclaimed balances is what they call it.
  • France – (French Only) Find unclaimed money in France through
  • New Zealand Unclaimed money search -New Zealand
  • Switzerland Unclaimed money search – Switzerland.
  • -Find unclaimed money from British, French, Swedish and Swiss bank and insurance accounts.
Holocaust Victims and Insurance Claims

Using Grants To Get Money


Both private and government organizations provide grants that give money away to businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals and unlike bank loans, these grants never need to be repaid.  By doing a search online you will find hundreds of varied grant programs that each serves a different purpose.

There are educational grants for those applying for a professional education, grants to help get individuals out of debt and many more.  Typically individuals won’t be able to obtain grants for personal financial needs but rather for a specific accepted purpose in addition to this the amounts given to individuals pale in comparison to the large grants companies (some startups receive grants of up to $50,000).

Applying for grants:

Grants are open to all U.S. citizens over the age of 18. To find one that applies to you do an online search for a grant with a purpose in mind to spend it on and see if it is available. If it is you submit the request and in 2-4 weeks you will receive a check if you qualify for the grant.

Applying for free grants can be a confusing and time consuming process. Here are some websites that will help narrow down the right grant for your specific purpose:



There are many charities nationwide and locally designed to help low income or individuals going through difficult times. RealityCharity is a fundraising website that allows people who want to make in difference in the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. On Realitycharity, those in need can explain their situation and request help in paying their medical bills or other areas they are in need of money.  There is a place available to submit supporting documents proving ones financial difficulty to prevent people from abusing the system and to allow the donations to go only to those who need it most.

For more information on web charities check out the following websites:

Food Stamps


The food stamp program formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has become a source of the most essential need form low-income families and individuals. SNAP is currently providing food for over 28 million people every month.

Food stamps are generally given to those that meet the minimum income requirements, to the elderly or disabled, or those who are caring for the elderly or disabled. To see if you qualify for food stamps check out the Supplemental Nutrition assistance program at:

For an easy straightforward method to see if you qualify for food stamps check out the following website to calculate if you qualify:

Cash Assistance

Crowd Funding


Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Kickstarter gathers money online from the general public. The money raised for the project should either be for a charity or a good cause. Project creators choose a deadline and a goal minimum of money they would like to raise. If the chosen goal is not achieved by the deadline, no funds are collected. Money is collected through Amazon Payments. Kickstarter is accessible only to permanent US residents of 18 years of age or older, with a US address, US bank account, a US state-issued driver’s license, and a major US credit or debit card. Kickstarter takes 5% of the funds raised and Amazon also charges an additional 3-5%. However, Kickstarter claims no ownership over the projects and the work they produce.

Indiegogo is an international crowd funding site and as of 2012, it has hosted over 100,000 funding campaigns in
areas such as music, charity, small business and film. The site allows users to create a page for their funding campaign, all monetary transactions are made through PayPal. The site also lets you make a list of “perks” for different levels of donation, then create a social media based publicity effort. Users can publicize the projects themselves through Facebook, Twitter and various platforms. Indiegogo retains a 4% fee for successful campaigns. For campaigns that fail to raise their target amount, users have the option of either refunding all money to their contributors at no charge or keeping all money raised with a 9% fee. Indiegogo makes it a point to disburses the funds immediately.
There are many ways to get money for free or to recover lost monies, however as with most free things in life getting it requires some knowledge about the subject. We hope that the links provided in this article will serve those in need in narrowing out information to just those dedicated to informing  the reader about ways to get money that is being given out.

Do you have any resources that we have not listed? Let us know below.

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