5 Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen Like A Boss

The main general functions of a kitchen are to store food and provide a platform in which to create meals. Keeping it organized will make it more efficient for you to find what you need, whether it be spices for cooking or to grab a snack between meals.

Mount Your Spice Rack

1. If you don’t have adequate pantry space, you can mount your spice rack on the wall. Try using the Ribba picture ledge from Ikea as a spice rack. Another option is to use magnetic spice racks – you can stick your spices on the refrigerator or upside down and sideways on a rack to save space. Another upside to displaying your spice collection is that they will all readily visible and will eliminate the need for you to poke through pantries and cabinets for the one you need.




Use Jars to Organize Goods

2. Put dry goods such as flour, sugar, and salt into mason jars or hermetically sealed jars to keep things uniform and aesthetically pleasing. You can print out labels to stick on the jars or use chalkboard labels to keep track of your supplies – wouldn’t want to accidentally put salt in your coffee instead of sugar! Pinterest offers sources for a variety of free printable label templates you can use.



Organize Snacks Using Wire Baskets

3. Keep your snacks organized by storing them into wire baskets. Some ideas on how to categorize are: sweet snacks, salty snacks, coffee/tea and supplies, breakfast foods such as oatmeal packets and cereal boxes, etc.


Hang Things Like Pots, Pans and Mugs to Increase Space

4. Pantry and cabinet space can be limited, so utilizing shelves and hanging things like pots, pans, and mugs is an efficient way of maximizing storage. Ikea has a wide variety of affordable shelving to choose from. For hanging mugs and utensils, you have the option of using a utensils rack or individual mug hooks.


Use Your Pantry Door to Free Up Space

5. If you have one, utilize the space behind your pantry door. You can build a mount and store plastic wrap and tin foil vertically to save space and to prevent them from jamming small drawers. Mounting the supplies behind a pantry door hides them from view until you are read to use them. Instructions here. Another way to maximize the space is to hang a clear shoe organizer behind the door – tons of pockets to store your miscellaneous kitchen items!


Many families use the kitchen as the hub of their household. Therefore, it’s essential to set up the right system. The best way of organizing your kitchen is to see what you have, decide what you absolutely need and then arrange it in the best way possible. The ultimate goal for a more functional kitchen should be accessibility.

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