8 Credible Sites for Downloading Software, Freeware and Shareware

Software – it directs your computer’s operations and is essential for your complete and total computer experience. But with the vast web of the internet at our fingertips, there are many people out in the world looking to attack your computer with viruses and malware when you download software from websites – so where can you download software? That’s where we come in – we’ve aggregated the best and most-trusted freeware and software sites on the web for you to legally access and download whatever software you need, for free or for a good price.

Looking for specific software?

The best thing to do is to buy and download directly from the Microsoft Windows, Apple and Adobe sites  and cut out the middle man of software websites.

All other Software

CNet– CNet (a part of CBS Interactive) is a site where you can download free and paid software, and can use an advanced search to find software by price, category, platform, and operating system. By far the easiest site to search through, all downloads are legal and there are so many different types of downloadable content, including games, browsers, applications, and other software specifically for your computer and system.

SnapFiles – SnapFiles offers freeware and shareware, including a daily freeware pick by the editors and helpful user reviews and ratings so you can better know what to expect after you download. You can search by category, including Popular software, System Utilities and Maintenance, Internet tools, and more.

Sofpedia- Softpedia offers multiple types of freeware and many popular types of shareware for discounted prices. Download software specifically for your computer or find software for your mobile phone or other devices.

Major Geeks - With an enormous amount of categories to choose from, download both freeware and software legally and virus-free from Major Geeks. You can also look at their top FreeWare Picks, look for advice in their Support Forums, and find helpful information about software including how to remove destructive malware from your computer

FileHippo – a trusted website where you can download anti-malware and anti-virus software, firewalls and security software, desktop software, and other applications for your laptop or computer.

Use these sites to protect your hardware and enhance your computer experience with freeware and shareware – but always be cautious with every download you make, no matter how trusted the website is that you use.

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    July 14, 2013

    If you do not read every word when downloading from cnet, you can accidentally allow cnet installer to download along with the
    requested program. Cnet installer downloads unwanted, difficult
    to remove, potential malware/ads/spam along with what you requested.
    I no longer trust cnet (CBS Interactive).

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