How To Find Almost Any IP Address

What Is An IP

The Internet Protocol Address is an exclusive computer address which specifically allows other electronic devices to identify and interact with each other within a computer network. Electronic devices like computers, routers, online printers and servers have their own IP addresses. An IP address essentially connects devices to each other.

IP AddressSo why would it be important to know your or somebody else’s IP address? An IP address is important for security reasons because it’s essential for online privacy. While browsing on the internet, your personal information and your computer are revealed to other websites you visit. Your personal information can be used for things such as identity theft, the IP address can help track these cyber crimes.

How To Find Your IP?

It’s easy to find your own IP address, there are plenty of online sites that can find the geographical location of your IP address. When you use these sites, they will tell you your IP address, where you are, and what type of web browser you are using. Occasionally, your server may change, hide, or replace the IP address. If this happens to you, then you can find your IP address by following the instructions below:

If you’re operating on Windows OS, Run the command prompt.
Go to Start>Run and type cmd. In the window that pops out, type in ipconfig/all.
Information such as host name, IP Address, Default Gateway, DNS Servers, etc will be shown.
However, if you are using Macintosh OS, you need to Open the System Preferences application and click the Network icon.
In the Show: drop down, select Network Status.
Look for the Built-in Ethernet item, or other applicable network interface.
The IP address is displayed on the right.

Find Someone Else’s IP

Like I said before, it’s not hard to find your own IP address but it’s hard to find someone else’s IP address. If you’re looking to track a different IP, you will need to establish some sort of communication with the person. For example, you can direct them through your own web server. Once they enter the server you created, you can view their access logs and find out their IP address. You can also find someone else’s IP by using online chat programs such as instant messenger.

Another person’s IP address can also be found through an e-mail, this only works if the sender doesn’t use an anonymous proxy server. The IP address in Gmail can be found from any e-mail received. You just need to open the mail and click on the inverted triangle on the right hand side of the “Reply” button. After that, select “Show Original” and a new window will pop out. Just look for the line: Received: from followed by the IP address between square brackets [ ].

If you use Yahoo Mail, you can find the sender’s IP address by checking your inbox and opening the e-mail they sent you. The sender’s IP address is displayed in the mail’s header in the following format: “X-Originating-IP: []”. If your header doesn’t have a display, then you need to customize your personal inbox. Click the “Option” on the top right corner and go in to the Mail Option page. Click on to “General Preference”. Go ahead and scroll down to “Messages” and check on “Show all headers on incoming messages”. Then save it and go to that mail again. You’ll be able to see the IP address.
If you’re searching for an IP address because you’re a victim of malicious cyber crimes then I suggest contacting your internet service provider and filing a report with the Police Department. Many people who specialize in identity thefts disguise their IP address. When this happens, it’s best to attain these details through an agency with more resources.

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