Jogging Stroller Buying Guide – Where to Research and Buy

Purchasing a jogging stroller is easy. You have many choices in style and price. Make an informed decision before you set out on your journey to find the best jogging stroller. There is no cookie cutter, one size fits all stroller to run behind. You want one that is lightweight, easy to push, easy to maneuver and big enough that your child can grow into it. With that said we listed some of our favorite places where you can go to test drive and or buy a jogging stroller.

jogging strollersBig Box Stores

You can go into just about any big box retailer like Babies R Us, Target or Wal Mart; pick up the stroller box and load it in your cart. This is nice as the retailer has done the homework for you and is bringing you the least expensive jogger at the best possible price with little to no assistance needed from a sales associate. Well, maybe to help you load the 25+ pound box into your cart. These strollers are usually mass produced and easy to stroll around with. I find they are often made for people of average heights and average activity levels.

Specialty Stores and Niche on-line retailers

Shopping at a smaller store often means personalized service and a large variety of better to high-end jogging strollers. You get to ask questions to a trained sales person who often times has lots of personal experience to share. I had this experience recently with Kelly who owns the jogging stroller website Not only is Kelly a runner she has pushed many jogging strollers with her four children (3 of which are triplets). Sometimes all we need is a little advice to help us make a good informed decision. Best part the heavy box will show up at your doorstep or put together by the store.

Ebay and Amazon

If you know what you want then by all means shop price on E-bay or Amazon. With both of these on-line retailers I suggest buyer beware. If the price seems too good to be true it usually is. Be sure to purchase from an authorized dealer and not some guy who is buying from someone else and re-selling it. Your warranty is not good on items purchased from un-authorized dealers. Most manufactures have a list of authorized dealers on their web pages. If you find a great deal… enjoy the savings! It is really nice to have it delivered to your doorstep too.


REI is rated supreme amongst all who love to live life outdoors. This is a great store with knowledgeable staff and a limited amount of jogging strollers. If you want to compare jogging strollers this is not the place to do it. Although they offer top of the line outdoors equipment they have a very limited selection of jogging strollers (only 1 brand on most sales floors). With that being said they really do push the products they carry. I hope they fit you and your family. The nice benefit if you ever have a problem with the jogging stroller you purchased from them they can repair it. Nice benefit.

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