Learn How to Really Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

What is a Hickey, Really?

Hickeys, otherwise known as love bites or kiss marks, are bruises caused by kissing and sucking of the skin causing blood vessels to burst and the skin to turn dark and purple. They typically last between five to twelve days

So, if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of your hickey fast, here are some cure-alls that will help you.

Get rid of  your hickey quickly by reducing the color and appearance of your hickey

> As soon as possible after receiving the hickey, apply ice to the bruise. This should help minimize its appearance. This should help minimize its appearance.
> Massage the area gently with your fingers, which may help disperse the blood.
> Use a coin or lipstick or chap stick caps to apply pressure to the mark, then twist into the skin to help disperse the blood. This may be painful, but it will help reduce the hickey’s appearance.
> Place a metal spoon into the refrigerator for five minutes, then apply to the hickey for around two minutes or until the spoon warms; repeat as often as needed until appearance fades.
> For newer hickeys, apply a cold compress for about twenty minutes to stop the bruise from spreading.
> For older hickeys (after 48 hours) a hot compress, like a moist, used tea bag or hot washcloth, will dilate the blood vessels and allow new blood to flow.

So, Your Hickey is Not Going Away Fast Enough?

Tricks for Hiding Hickeys

>  Find a cheap concealer at a drug store that is a little lighter than your skin tone, and gently smear over the mark. You can then use a translucent powder to set the concealer and hide the mark.

> Scarves or other clothing such as turtle necks or long sleeves can help disguise your hickey and keep others from noticing the mark.

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    October 1, 2012

    The best thing you can do is to work all of the known cures together… Start with ice or the cold spoon for the first few hours. After that scrape it with a coin and put some ointment on it. After like twelve hours take an anti-inflammatory and heat the area. You can get rid of it almot completely in a day!

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