48 Sites to Help You Find Anything Online

Ever wanted to find something online but, couldn’t? Have you ever needed something but didn’t know where to find it? With our list below, we show you where you can literally find anything online. Things like parking, tv ratings, car values and yes, even legal dispensaries; our list has it all. Feel free to come back and check it out as we will be updating this list constantly with new information and links.


Information About TV and Movies

http://www.imdb.com – One of the largest and most reliable databases of TV and Movie information.

http://www.tv.com – Great community with a large database of wiki style TV, actor and episode information.


Movie and TV Reviews

http://www.metacritic.com -Most credible review site on the internet that gives scores based off of critic ratings. They focus on TV, movies, games and music.

http://www.rottentomatoes.com – Another great review site for movies.


Find Car Values

http://www.kbb.com/ – One of the oldest car evaluation books and most popular on in the midwest and west coasts.

http://www.nadaguides.com/  -Popular on the east coast and another reliable source for car values.

http://www.edmunds.com – An online publication producing car values and buying guides for car shoppers.

Find a Job

http://www.indeed.com – Great no b.s. job search engine.

http://www.linkup.com – Job search site that aggregates jobs searches from employer sites.

http://www.linkedin.com – One of the best ways to find a job. Your profile is your resume and allows you to connect with people and get referrals to jobs.


Finance Jobs

http://jobsinthemoney.com/ – Specializes in finance jobs.


Tech Jobs

http://www.dice.com – A tech job only website.


Writing Gigs

http://jobs.problogger.net/ – Great site if you’re looking for a job as a writer.


Submit Your Resume To Recruiters

http://dist.resumearrow.com/arr/default.asp – Allows you to submit your resume to recruiters who will help you find a job.


Find Parking Anywhere

http://en.parkopedia.com/ – Find any parking spot with this useful website.


Find Recipes

http://allrecipes.com/ – a good collection of recipes

http://www.chow.com/recipes – Foodie recipes.

Find Legal Marijuana Dispensaries

http://www.findlocalweed.com – Best dispensary local search on the internet for medical marijuana patients. They have listings like this one http://www.findlocalweed.com/city/MEDICAL-marijuana-doctor-in-santa-monica/

https://legalmarijuanadispensary.com/ –  Another medical marijuana search website.


Where to Watch Your Favorite Show and Sports

TV Shows

http://www.cbs.com – Watch all new CBS network shows.

http://www.nbc.com – Find all new NBC network shows online.

http://www.abc.com – Find all new ABC network shows online.

http://www.hulu.com – Huge collection of shows and movies that can be watched online.

http://www.netflix.com – For a monthly fee, get movies sent to you and stream movies, documentaries and full season shows online.


Watch Football

Start with our post on watching Football online:



Watch Videos

http://www.youtube.com – Lots of great searchable video content.

http://vimeo.com – Another great video search site.


 Personal Information on People


Find Court Records for Each State

http://www.ncsc.org/topics/access-and-fairness/privacy-public-access-to-court-records/state-links.aspx?cat=Public%20Access%20Web%20Sites#California – Legitimate court records for each state.

Death Records





Information About a Company

http://www.ripoffreports.com – Find complaints about companies.

http://www.glassdoor.com/index.htm – Learn what the employees are saying about a company.


Biographies of  famous people




 Find lyrics



Watch Music Videos

http://www.vevo.com/ – Best music video search engine.


Get music events, listen to free music and find band and group information

http://www.last.fm – Best music resource site on the internet

http://www.allmusic.com/ – Another great music resource site.


Find and Read The Bible

http://www.biblegateway.com/keyword/ – Find every version of the Bible on this site.


Find Free Stuff

http://www.allyou.com/budget-home/money-shopping/get-free-stuff-00411000068606/ – Tons of free stuff in this great resource.


Find People

http://www.whitepages.com/ – Great for locating people and their information such as phone number and address.


Find Art

http://www.wga.hu/frames-e.html?/search.html Don’t Remember the Name of That Painting? You can search by artist, title or keywords.


Learn About Anything

http://learni.st/ – Tag topics and learn about those things through Learnist.

http://alison.com/ – Tons for free courses


Web Design

http://www.w3schools.com/ – Learn about web design on your own time.



Find Information About Anything

http://www.wikipedia.com -The information source or the web. If they don’t have it, it probably doesn’t exist.

http://www.google.com – Find anything through this internet search giant.

http://www.bing.com Bing is another search giant. They specialize in personalized results.

http://blekko.com/ Blekko is a spam free search engine.

https://duckduckgo.com/ Duck Duck Go doesn’t track your searches.

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