Where Can I Watch the Superbowl 2013 Online?

Stream and Watch Super Bowl 47 2013 Online

Football fans can now stay connected to the game in a convenient way to watch and stream the Super Bowl online for free. Who would want to watch the year’s biggest Sunday football game on a computer screen? For instance, folks without cable or even a TV set for one, but a live stream comes with some appealing features that the TV broadcast won’t offer. Viewers can select to watch different camera angles, live game highlights, in-game statistics and other perks to further enhance the interactive experience.



What Time Is the Super Bowl 2013?

The Super Bowl will air on Sunday February 3, 2013. The date is set. The time is still not determined.

Live on NFL.com

The Superbowl links can be found on NFL.com and and will be streamed on CBSSports.com for free for 2013. Live broadcasts on these sites come from CBS’s television coverage of the Super Bowl. In addition to the broadcast coverage, extra features are provided to make the viewing experience even better.


Super Bowl on CBSSports.com


Stream the Super Bowl live on CBSSports.com


CBSsports.com kicks off the Super bowl for 2013 by playing some life pregame action, the game will be featured in HD-quality streams.

Where Can You Watch Super Bowl Commericals?

Of course, many people also enjoy watching Super Bowl XLVII for the popular commercials. You can catch these commercials at the following sites:

super bowl

Image credit: http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123133585

The advertisements will be available to watch after the end of each quarter.

Ad Blitz

Youtube has a page with all the current Superbowl ads, recipes and more.

If you happen to be away from both Internet and TV, you can look into another “smart” alternative. Verizon customers with smartphones can watch the Super Bowl by downloading the free NFL Movile app for iOs and Android. For further details, check the website below for more information:


Football fans are encouraged to follow twitter.com/NFL and Twitter.com/cbssports for regular updates.

Football fans are extremely fortunate, they have no excuses to miss their favorite game of the year. You can watch it anywhere, and by that, I mean literally, anywhere! A great Super bowl experience involves watching it with your friends and family. Make sure you go all out and throw a Super Bowl Party!


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    January 27, 2013

    Ill prob watch it online on CBSsports.com I also like separate free streams and apps will allow you to catch all the Super Bowl commercials. This post also shared some good resources: http://www.real.com/resources/watch-super-bowl-online

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    January 31, 2013

    I dont have a TV, i live in the forest in a little place name Austin,Québec,Canada.
    Last year ,i`ve tried to watch the super bowl and i never watch any minutes.So i just hope that this time i will watch it….
    Gérard Forget

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    Allan Docater
    February 1, 2014

    i think you will watch on Manscavefootball com

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