Where Can I Find New And Used Cars to Buy

There are many places to buy new and used car online and around where you live. Below are the best places that we have found that answer the question where can I buy a car (new and used resources).

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Buy a New Car from Cars Direct (Free Price Quotes)

Cars Direct is one of the oldest car buying websites still in business. Cars direct has allows you to pick the car out that you want and gives you a set, competitive price based on market conditions and vehicle availability and incentives. Many people print out the Cars Direct price and bring it in to their local dealership to see if they can match or beat the price which often happens

[btn link=”http://www.kbbcom/”  target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”size-l”]AutoTrader.com[/btn] KBB.com-  New and Used

Kelly Blue Book has been known for their car pricing guides “The Blue Book” and are used by most auto dealers on the mid and west coast. Over the years, KKB has expanded to offer pricing, research and comparison shopping for people looking to buy a new car. They work similar to the other sites where you price out your car and your information gets submitted to local dealerships who compete for your business.

[btn link=”http://www.autotrader.com/”  target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”size-l”]AutoTrader.com[/btn] AutoTrader.com- New and Used
Auto Trader not only has a line of magazines listing new and used cars but also has a great website. They are different from auto quote sites because they not only allow you to study car research but, also display inventory for car dealerships which seems to be their main focus nowadays.

[btn link=”http://www.automotive.com/”  target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”size-l”]Automotive.com[/btn] Automotive.com-
Automotive.com does not sell cars directly from their site. Instead, they allow users to build a car to their liking and submit the specs to local dealerships to get a quote.They have been around since 1996 and have helped millions of people to make purchases or lease a new car using the internet as a resource. Whether you are looking for a new Toyota minivan or a Ferrari sports car, they have what you are looking for.

[btn link=”http://www.cars.com/” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”size-l”]Cars.com[/btn] Cars.com
Cars.com is a great research site that allows you to research your car and price it out. Once you have picked out a car you like, you can submit an inquiry to local dealerships who are usually competitive when looking to earn your business.

Buy Used Cars for Sale


[btn link=”http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites#US”  target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”size-l”]Craigslist.org[/btn] Craigslist.org
Craigslist Autos is a great place to look for used cars that are not normally listed in other places. They allow you to search in different cities and there are also other sites that allow you to receive alerts when the car that you are looking for becomes listed.

[btn link=”http://www.ebay.com/motors”  target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”size-l”]Ebay Motors[/btn] ebay Motors
Ebay Motors is a great site find cars for sell. The only drawback is that most people want to see a car before making an offer. Ebay does offer buyer protection and hundreds of thousands of cars are sold each year on ebay.

[btn link=”http://www.Carmax.com”  target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”size-l”]Carmax.com[/btn] Carmax.com
Carmax specializes in used cars with set pricing. You don’t have to negotiate because their prices are already competitive (although if you are savvy, you can usually find a better deal) and their cars receive good reconditioning so they are typically in better shape than a private party and some dealerships.

[btn link=”http://enterprisecarsales.com/”  target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”size-l”]Enterprisecarsales.com[/btn] Enterprise Auto Sales
Enterprise sells their cars once they have finished renting them out. Typically, they are maintained really well. The only concern that some people have is how the cars have been driven by the people renting them.

Auto Buying Programs


Places such as Costco, Sam’s Club, AAA, Capitalone and USAA have auto buying programs. These work similar to the sites above but allow you to deal with your actual local dealer instead of a website as the original point of contact. These programs give competitive pricing and keep you from having to sit and negotiate for hours at a time.

Image from Ciorra Photography on FlikrWhen shopping for a new/used car, the task can seem time consuming and overwhelming. No one enjoys wasting days jumping from one dealership to another, or feeling hounded and stalked by the aggressive car salesman. That is why many shoppers have ditched the car dealerships all together and headed online to make their next auto purchase.

Auto experts agree that shoppers can save time and money by going online for new and used cars. The online buying experience provides the opportunity for the shopper to compare vehicle makes, models, and prices. In addition to the sales price, all of the smaller details such as aftermarket products and financing, can be chosen online as well

Eliminate the stress and take advantage of the many benefits of buying your next car online or by using your local dealership and keep your money within your local economy.

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