Where Can I Watch Free Movies Online Legally?

The internet has changed the way we ingest movie consumption like never before. Devices that connect to the internet such as computers, Blu-ray players, PS3 apps, iphones and ipads allow us to have access to the greatest movie content like no other time period. The problem has never really been about the device but, has always been finding movie content that you want to snuggle up to with a bucket of popcorn. So, the real question is not how to watch but, where can I watch free movies online? To answer this question, we have compiled what we think are the best websites available to view all types of movies and old films from every genre. Enjoy.

Free Movies Online


Watch Movies Online on Crackle.com

Crackle.com is our favorite site for watching movies online legally. They have a good variety of movies and a lot of them are only a few years old so you are not stuck watching classics.[/box]



Youtube.com has an awesome movie section and is our second favorite place to watch movies on the internet. A lot of their free movies are newer and as long as you are not looking for a specific movie, you will enjoy their vast selection of titles and genres such as action, romance, horror, adventure and thrillers.

Free ___________________________________________________________

Hulu.com is also one of our favorite sites. They have a good variety of movies, unfortunately, most of the movies are older ones. You can watch the movies without having to pay for them as long as you watch them on your computer. Hulu charges $7.99 to watch them on your TV or ipad.


http://www.indiemoviesonline.com/ Free ___________________________________________________________

Indie Movies is a great site and won “Best Site to Watch Movies Online” award. They also have a good variety of movies, but most of them are Indie “B” rated movies.

http://archive.org/details/moviesandfilms Free ___________________________________________________________

Archive.org is a non-profit that has been creating an searchable archive of the internet since 1996. They are a known resource for watching movies online and are highly recommended if you don’t mind watching old films and home movies.

http://www.viewster.com/ Free ___________________________________________________________

If Bollywood movies and horror films is your cup of tea, you will feel right at home. Viewster.com is a Swiss based company that offers free movies in exchange for watching them with ads. The only downfall is you never know when the ads will stop. Viewster.com is probably our least favorite of the free sites but, still offers a decent selection of free films and cult classic horror films such as Night of The Living Dead.

Paid Movies, Subscriptions and Free Trials



http://www.hbogo.com/ Free with HBO subscription ___________________________________________________________

HBO Go is a great service that allows you to watch all of the fantastic HBO series such as True Blood and Game of Thrones. In order for you to use their service, you need to have an HBO account with either Comcast, Verizon Fios TV, Direct TV, DIsh and Time Warner to name a few.

http://www.starz.com/channels/online  Free with Starz subscription ___________________________________________________________

Stars Online works similar to HBO Go as you have to have the service already through your cable or satellite provider. As you search the site, anytime you see a Starz’ stream icon, that tells you that online streaming is available for that title.

https://signup.netflix.com/BrowseSelection  Free trial and then monthly subscription ___________________________________________________________

Netflix.com has been a popular option for many people when it comes to streaming movies online and from their devices such as Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. They include many new and older movies like FIght Club and Inception and also movies like Glee: The 3d Concert Movie.

http://www.maxgo.com/#movies/  Free with Cinemax Subscription ___________________________________________________________

Cinemax’s Max Go online movies has a great selection of movies. The catch is exactly like Stars and HBO where you need to have a subscription through their approved television providers.

http://www.amazon.com/mn/search/  Some Titles are Free for Amazon Prime members. Paid movie rentals start at $1.99 and paid movies start at $2.99 ___________________________________________________________

Amazon.com VOD has a great selection of new movies online. They have been a trusted source fir all types of purchases and their Video On Demand service is no different. If you are an Amazon Prime member ($79 year) it’s a great perk.

Watching movies online is nothing new. But, finding free movies online that you don’t have to download has been a    challenge for a long time especially, when you are trying to do it legally. Movie studios have always fought online movie torrents because it cuts into their profits. One way you can fight movie piracy and watch movies for free is by using the links above. Now go watch a movie.

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