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Television – that beautiful box that’s been bringing the family together since the 1950’s. Even with all the conveniences of modern technology such as the DVR and TiVo, people are tuning in less and less to that old box, and turning to a different screen for entertainment – the computer. There are many sources to watch classic and currently airing television shows online so you can watch your favorite show at your leisure. Here are a couple you definitely should know about.

So, Where Can You Watch TV Online?

One of the more popular sites for watching television shows online is Hulu, a site where you can enjoy all different genres of both movies and television. The availability of the television shows varies between the last few episodes to any episode of the current season. Whatever TV show you watch, whether it classic, sitcom, or drama, you’ll be able to get your fix at Hulu, for absolutely free from your computer.
However, some shows become restricted after a certain amount of time – which is where HuluPlus comes in. For $7.99 a month, you get unlimited and instant streaming of any of their television shows and movies. They also offer one week free trials for anyone interested in streaming whatever television show their heart desires.[/box]

Network websites (Free)


ABC Shows and
Looking for a specific show? Try going to the TV network’s website, and most will offer full episodes for online streaming absolutely free. ABC and CBS both offer great access to popular shows on their websites, all for no charge. ABC streams full episodes of their most popular shows like Once Upon a Time and the Bachelorette, while also showing full episodes from ABC Family’s teen favorites like Pretty Little Liars. CBS, known for its raucous comedy How I Met Your Mother, is a little more selective and shows fewer full episodes per season, but is still a great way to catch up on an episode you recently missed.

YouTube (Free/Paid)

The best-kept secret of the online television world just happens to be the popular video-sharing site YouTube. The site offers both free and cheap full episodes ranging from popular television shows like Parks and Recreation, classics like MacGyver, and educational shows like Naked Science. Paid shows on the site are $1.99 per episode, and YouTube provides online playlists that can stream up to a whole season’s worth of television right on your computer. More and more education, travel, technology, and science shows are free, while more popular television shows are paid.

Amazon VOD (Paid)

Another site which charges for online streaming is Amazon, but it is still a pretty cheap resource, as episodes start from $1.99 as well. You can buy and stream them almost instantly with their 1Click button OR you can buy an Amazon Instant Video TV Pass, which gives you access to new television shows automatically when they are released online or you can download and watch them offline. The TV Pass also offers you a discount per episode overall rather than you buying multiple episodes one at a time.

Netflix (Paid)

The last resource on this list is Netflix, the king of online streaming. Netflix offers a multitude of television shows to choose from to stream instantly online, but for the price of $7.99 a month. If the price doesn’t bother you (to put it in perspective, it’s the same price as HuluPlus), Netflix offers many other benefits, such as no late fees and instant access to hundreds of television and movies to stream on your computer. For the television lover, Netflix has it all; encompassing multiple genres, it is sure to satisfy every member of the family, young and old.

Need more resources? is a great site for finding specific shows and episodes to watch online. Got any more? Leave it in the comments below.

***Update for recent Direct TV subscribers who lost channels such as Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon.***


For those of you asking where to watch MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, you can still watch you favorite shows on each networks’ website.



Comedy Central

Online TV Search

Whether you watch it free or you pay a small fee, watching television on the internet is easy and instant, and is one of the more convenient and popular ways of entertainment for the tech-savvy. So, newt time you ask the question, where can I watch TV online; try any of the sites above and you’re bound to be wasting time in no time watching your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want.

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